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As I watch my limbs fade

“It started in 2004. My foot got swollen from blood. A doctor from the village put a leech on it to suck the blood. Few months later, it (the disease) started eating my toes from inside.” Wilne, 43, lives in Gwo Jean, a village not too far from Port-Au-Prince. He suffers from a rare infectious disease that gradually destroys the skin tissue, muscle, and eventually the entire limb. He has already lost a leg and is now losing fingers on hands and toes on the other leg. Various tests through the past 11 years have not helped doctors to identify the cause of the infection. Natural remedies have failed and anti-poison potions have not worked. Wilne used to live with his sister and her family but because of the unknown nature of the disease and its transmission modes, he no longer felt comfortable staying with the family. As a result when he received a tent from a non-profit organization in 2010, he moved out. Five years on, Wilne now lives in a patched up leaking tent and continues to painfully lose body parts with limited access to painkillers and medical attention.

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